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4 ways to keep a tidy home

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

You do not need a bigger house. Or a bigger storage. It is not how big, but how well you manage your belongings and stuff. Ask yourself, are you a sentimental person? If you are, chances are you will have a tendency to keep things even if you don't need them anymore. Here are some ways to empower you to live a simpler life by having a better grip over your stuff.

Have a specific spot for everything

1. Every item must be decided, where it will be kept. Once it is used, it must be immediately returned to the same exact spot.

2. Everything must be stored out of sight. If you can see them cluttering around, that means it has not found a spot, or it does not belong in your life.

3. Go through items once a year to see if they fall into the categories of keep, give or donate.

Storage, storage, storage

1. There should not be storage unless they are momento items or staple items. Buy only what you need. Resist buying in large quantities just because it is cheaper. Use up the item before buying more, eventhough that item is on sale.

2. Place items in CLEAR containers with LABELS. If the container is not clear, the labels will be extremely helpful. 3. For clothing, shoes, bags, fashion accessories, organize in collections. It will help with the decision-making of keep, give or donate (when they are no longer useful).

If there is no space, something must go

1. If you have no place to store something out of sight, decide what to do with it (keep, give, donate).

2. If it is a keeper, make space for it buy getting rid of something else.

3. When you are about to buy something new, there needs to be a place for it. If there is none, either remove an item to make space for the new item, or do not buy it.

If you don't use it, give it to someone else who will

1. Once an item comes through the door, decide immediately if it is keep, give or donate. If it is a keeper, it MUST have a permanent location and space for it.

2. If it is a gift item, make immediate decision on it. A gift does not mean you have to keep it. You can rewrap it and pass it on, if indeed you know you do not want it, do not need it, or do not have a space for it.

3. If an item has not been used for more than 12 months, chances are you will not use it anymore. Give it to someone else who will make good use of it.

Take control over your stuff. Do not allow things to clutter your home. Less is definitely more. You will feel lighter and happier with less.

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